My latest knits

Development process

Above shows my development process, from the original inspiration to my final piece in context. This work was part of my Project Walking home, with the focus being on my personal experiences whilst walking and the role it has played within my life. This particular photograph is the path towards my home – one I walked everyday for 7 years on the way to school – and so evokes a lot of nostalgia. Throughout my project, I took a few visual aspects from this photograph, such as the pattern in the brick wall and the colours in the rose bush. However, for this particular development, I focused on the leading lines of the path, wall and fence, leading to the house. I liked this motif and so developed with some mark making and mixed media. I then replicated this pattern on the knitting machine in a deep green colour, allowing contrast between the negative space and the yarn. I liked the delicate nature of the final knit so I decided a summer crop top would be suitable for context.